How to Stop Domestic Violence

Domestic violence is terrifying. You don’t deserve it.

It’s important to protect the ones you love. It’s a big world and there are many ways they can get hurt. We all want to support our loved ones because we know we’d want their help if it came down to it. We’ve all got to stick together.

But sometimes the ones closest to us change. The person we fell in love with isn’t the same person anymore. Maybe the man who swept you off your feet is now unrecognizable; he has become surly, temperamental, or vicious.

We owe our loved ones support and loyalty. But sometimes they become someone we don’t know anymore. And we never owe someone the right to hurt us, or abuse us, no matter the stress or pain they feel inside.

My partner has been hurting me. It started slow but it’s gotten worse. I don’t know if it will stop.

Services exist to protect people in your position. If you are in New Jersey, there is a government domestic violence program in every county in the state. Their services include:

  • 24-hour hotline
  • 24-hour access to a confidential safe house
  • Counseling and support for victims and children
  • Legal advocacy
  • Community networking

If you are in New Jersey and seek crisis intervention or information, please call the government hotline at 1 (800) 572-SAFE (7233). 

I would like to separate from my abusive spouse. What can I do?

A New Jersey attorney, Dave Schroth, would like to help. He has worked in New Jersey family law for over 20 years, and he can provide personalized legal services to help extract you and your children from a dangerous situation. As a family law attorney, he can protect the legal rights of victims of domestic violence. Contact Dave Schroth at 609-882-0041. He is here to help.

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