Personal Injury and Your Car Accident

The right personal injury attorney can win compensation in your car accident case. NJ residents should contact Dave Schroth for top legal representation.

Your heart is pounding, your ears are ringing, your knuckles are white around the steering wheel. Your vision is tunneled to the space beyond your windshield. If you’re familiar with this feeling, you have our sympathy. Car accidents are far too common everywhere, and New Jersey is no exception.

Drivers need to pay full attention to the task at hand. Yet external dangers persist; drivers can be impaired by alcohol, distracted by conversation (including hands-free) or texting, or suffer from a physical impairment like poor eyesight, sleep deprivation, or an age-related issue. Even good drivers can fall victim to hazardous conditions, like shoddy road design, inclement weather, vehicle malfunctions, or simply overconfidence.

Polls show nearly all drivers who’ve had a car accident did not believe themselves at fault. Therefore, after a collision involving another driver, most people reasonably consider their legal options to see if the other driver should pay.


I’ve been in a car accident with another driver in New Jersey. What do I need to know?

If you obtained insurance in New Jersey, your insurance type will determine whether you can file suit. If you purchased ‘no fault’ insurance, it doesn’t matter who initiated the crash. You must file a claim with your own insurance company, except in cases of severe bodily injury.

If you chose traditional insurance, you should know that New Jersey has ‘shared fault’ or ‘comparative negligence’ laws. This means if the insurance companies or a court determines that you share a portion of blame for the accident, your percentage of fault would be deducted from the total claims awarded. You can only file suit if you are less than half responsible for the incident. Therefore, if a court finds you 15% responsible for the car accident, and the total award is $100,000, you would receive $85,000.


I’ve suffered personal injury in a car accident in New Jersey. How long can I wait to file suit? 

You shouldn’t wait long. The statute of limitations is 2 years for personal injury cases in New Jersey, including car accident personal injuries. That time begins from the date of the event. While a car accident is disorienting, and you’ll need time to organize your affairs, it’s strongly recommended you find a lawyer and file suit well before this deadline.

If you’re in New Jersey, and you seek top quality, personalized legal services for a personal injury claim that stems from a car accident, we advise you to contact New Jersey attorney Dave P. Schroth. He can bring over twenty years of experience and expertise to bear in your personal injury case. Call today at 609-882-0041 for a case evaluation and let the law work for you.


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