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It’s tough to start writing a will. It can be tough just thinking about it. No one wants to entertain the thought of the day they’ll leave this earth; the reality is certain facts of life are immutable, and they can come at unexpected angles. We must be forward-thinking, and anticipate the day we’re no longer here to help our loved ones. We can ease our passing for them, in part, by establishing a clear process by which our belongings are dispersed to them each one in kind.

In New Jersey, when a person passes away without a will, their estate is distributed according to state laws. Certain assets, such as those jointly owned with the right of survivorship (such as a home) are not included in the estate. If an administrator cannot be agreed upon by the family, the court will appoint one – typically a close relative – to divide the estate among the family. Closer relatives receive larger shares than extended relatives, and distribution of items of sentimental value are left to the discretion of the administrator. Of course, this has the potential to create rifts within the family, which compounds their grief over their loss of the deceased with bitterness over the handling of the estate.

How can I smooth the transition of my passing for my family? 

The responsible and compassionate way to ease the pain of your passing is to create a will. It gives you the last word on the distribution of your estate and removes the stress of that process from your surviving family. In addition, you can choose to leave assets to dear friends, or charitable organizations, both of which would be omitted by a state-guided administration.

New Jersey does not require that your will be drafted by a lawyer. In fact, anyone who is over 18 and considered of sound mind can write their own will. However, these wills often fall into pitfalls, such as an unclear turn of phrase, or an accidental omission of assets or beneficiaries.

An airtight will removes the burden of estate administration, and contention, from your loved ones. Write a sound will, and provide the final authority on your estate, by consulting a lawyer experienced in wills, trusts, and estates.


New Jersey attorney David P. Schroth has provided personalized legal services to New Jersey residents for over twenty years. He can help you write your will, and guide you with compassion and care. Call him today at 609-882-0041.


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