Prosecute Property Damage in New Jersey

Here’s what to know about pursuing a property damage claim in New Jersey.


Is someone responsible for the destruction of your property? If so, you may be familiar with the feelings of outrage, frustration, and impatience that ensue when dealing with the damage and a culprit who may be reluctant to make things right. If you’d like to hold someone responsible for property damage committed in New Jersey, contact New Jersey attorney David P. Schroth for personalized legal services and let the law help you recover your losses.


What do I need to know about filing a property damage claim?

New Jersey has a six-year statute of limitations on civil claims of personal property damage. This is because sometimes it takes time to know that damage was incurred, and to connect the damage with a cause. The statute of limitations means you must submit your claim within this period – preferably with time to spare – lest you risk the court declining to hear your case, no matter how valid.

You can pursue a claim for damage to any kind of property recognized under the law – whether homes, vehicles, personal effects such as jewelry, clothing, and art, or pets and livestock. If the property damage was deliberate, there may be an accompanying criminal charge – criminal mischief – which could put added pressure on the accused to settle with you before a trial.

What happens if the property damage was the result of an accident?

 In the case of accidents, such as car accidents, the cause of action might be negligence if the other driver failed to drive responsibly. You could sue for property damage due to the decreased value of your car and for damaged items inside the car. However, due to New Jersey’s contributory negligence or ‘shared fault’ laws, if you were found partially responsible for the accident, then your percentage of the fault would be deducted from the overall award.

Each case is different, and navigating complex laws requires a steady hand and depth of experience. If you’re in New Jersey, and have questions about a property damage case or would like to take one further, contact New Jersey attorney David P. Schroth at 609-882-0041. He’ll provide the personalized legal services you need to receive judgment in your favor.

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