Fight Medical Malpractice in New Jersey with a Top Civil Litigation Lawyer

Civil Litigation Lawyer Fights Malpractice in New Jersey

Imagine, on one fateful day, that you are involved in a terrible car accident. You suffer severe trauma, you’re barely conscious, and each breath feels like your last. Someone calls the paramedics. They arrive in a wail of sirens, you are rushed to the hospital, and it’s determined in the E.R. that you’ll need surgery to save your life.

You have a ruptured aorta. The surgeons repair it by grafting to your heart a large stent. The surgery is a success, your family surrounds you in a rush of relief and joy, and you’re weary and thankful this harrowing chapter of your life is behind you.

For a time, each new day feels like a gift. You spend several months recovering while taking care not to strain yourself. A year later, you feel you’re finally ready to enjoy life like before. Then one day, while performing light exercise, you collapse.

You’re rushed to the hospital. You’re in excruciating pain. You’re experiencing loss of sensation in your limbs.

Two days later, it’s found that there was a blood clot in the stent grafted to your heart. It cut off circulation to your legs. You are operated on once again. The stent is repaired – but not soon enough to prevent permanent, complete paralysis of your legs.

This is a true story of medical malpractice that occurred in 2015. The individual in question eventually won a seven figure settlement after suffering medical malpractice at a public hospital.

In New Jersey law, medical malpractice occurs when there is an established doctor-patient relationship. If the doctor breaches an expected standard of care – which may vary according to factors such as a patient’s age and overall health – and the patient suffers an injury as a direct consequence, then the patient has grounds for a medical malpractice lawsuit.

Medical malpractice suits often require the testimony of one or more expert witnesses – medical professionals who can explain how the breach in care caused your injury. Of course, the defense will produce their own experts to argue that there was no breach in care, or if there was, that the injury didn’t result from it. There’s a lot of preparation required, and the statute of limitations for medical malpractice cases in New Jersey is two years from the date of the breach of care.

If you think you’ve suffered from medical malpractice in New Jersey, it’s imperative you consult a lawyer to determine the strength of your case. You’ll need an experienced civil litigation lawyer to guide you in this process and fight for your compensation. Located just outside of Trenton, attorney David P. Schroth has over 20 years of civil litigation experience in New Jersey. Contact him today at 609-882-0041, and seek justice for the suffering you’ve endured.

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